Why a Community ?

Unstructured content is becoming a defining area of focus for organizations

If you're a publisher, unstructured content is the very fabric of your business. And if you're any other type of organization, unstructured content is where all your conversations happen, a potential treasure trove of information : customer meeting summaries, service incident notes, call center transcripts, emails, R&D and product development reports. Structuring the information it contains is key, whether you're seeking to optimize internal access to this information, to better understand your customers and your market's competitive hotspots or to shape your R&D, to optimize your information system, or even to ensure regulatory compliance.


But the corresponding expertise remains fragmented

But let's face it, because the hypergrowth of unstructured content is relatively recent, surrounding practices are still maturing, and the corresponding expertise remains somewhat fragmented. Who do you turn to when you need to enrich your content repositories with domain-specific metadata, when you need to create or maintain your company's taxonomies or ontologies, when you need to setup and exploit analytical dashboards ? What would be the required profile for the people in charge of such a project and where would you hire or train them ? And more globally, how would you stage such a project, what would be the low hanging-fruit, what might be the longer-term opportunities ?


That's where the Luxid® Community comes in

The good news is, you're not alone. There's an ecosystem out there. Others who have gone through similar questions before, as well as experts with the relevant project experience, domain expertise and technical know-how, who can help you address these questions. Some might even have part of what's needed to make your project a success, like a thesaurus or an extractor covering your domain. Our goal is to help you meet and join forces. And when you're ready, you can also give back to the community because your experience, your know-how will be precious for others.


That's the community effect : being part of the community makes you stronger.

So come on and join.