WAND Records Retention
Taxonomy with over 300 categories and more than 600 synonyms relating to document types that all companies should think about for their record-keeping purposes.

Scopes and Internals

The WAND Records Retention Taxonomy has 370 categories and 670 synonyms and covers all the document types that every company should be thinking about for their record-keeping purposes. This taxonomy focuses heavily on documents and records. Employee records, financial records, general business records, legal records, safety records, and financial records are all covered. The information used to create this taxonomy was taken from reports regarding United States statutory requirements for record-keeping, however, many of these record types are important for companies around the world.

Customization and Extension

The WAND Records Retention Taxonomy can be easily customized by personalizing the thesaurus with complementary lexicons. It can also be exploited in combination with the TEMIS Smart Taxonomy Facilitator (STF) Skill Cartridge® Framework to create a Skill Cartridge® focused on record retention.

STF adds two distinctive features to the thesaurus-based extraction :

  • Fuzzy Term Matching that produces and recognizes variants of thesaurus terms, minimizing silence and increasing recall
  • Relevance Scoring, that evaluates the contextual relevance of each recognized term, discarding the less relevant ones improving precision. Relevance Scoring exploits a range of heuristics, including statistics and part-of-speech tagging.

Adjusting STF Fuzzy-Term Matching and Relevance Scoring parameters or retraining the Skill Cartridge®'s statistical models to adapt to a corpus that is specifically representative of your content will enable you to adjust semantic enrichment behavior.

Typical Applications

Companies can easily apply their own retention periods to the document categories of the WAND Records Retention Taxonomy based on the statutory requirements of their specific industry or locale.

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Language(s): EN
Compatibility: Luxid® 6.0 , Luxid® 6.1 , Luxid® 6.2
Posting date: December 2013
Version: 1.0
Business model: Turnkey
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