Opinion Mining
Skill Cartridge®
Identifies subjective expressions as expressed in social media and/or customer feedback, characterizes them in terms of polarity and intensity, and links them to their target when mentionned (e.g. products, services, brands, companies …).


The Opinion Mining Skill Cartridge® identifies and qualifies the subjective expressions that reveal evaluative judgments, emotional states or expectations as typically found in social media or customer feedback corpora.


Leveraging a combination of evaluative lexicon, syntactical modeling and semantic reasoning, the OM Skill Cartridge® characterizes these opinions both in terms of polarity (negative/positive) and intensity (strong/low/-), and links them to their target when it is mentionned (for example products, services, brands, companies or people).

Customization and Extension

The Opinion Mining Skill Cartridge® can be customized by calling another Skill Cartridge® describing customer-specific areas of interest such as product ranges, features or customer purchasing criteria. 

The evaluative lexicon, organized by part-of-speech, can also be customized to fit data and/or domain specificities (e.g. context-dependent polarity of the adjective "terrific"). The Opinion Mining Skill Cartridge® helps analysts quantify, track and analyze subjective expression information that is otherwise entirely unstructured.

The direct benefit is an enhanced ability to analyze the way a product, a brand, a company or its competitors are mentionned in social media or customer feedback. The insights provided by this analytical perspective typically helps companies fine-tune their product and/or service offers, measure the impact of a product launch or a marketing campaign, and take care of their corporate image.



* This work has been partially funded by the EU project ROBUST, grant nr 257859


Skill cartridge
Language(s): FR , EN
Compatibility: Luxid® 6.1
Posting date: April 2013
Version: 1.0
Business model: Project
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