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Skill Cartridge®
Extracts technology, engineering and management topics in text. Based on the corresponding TEMA® thesaurus from WTI and powered by TEMIS' STF technology.


The TEMA® Skill Cartridge® (TEMA) extracts technology, engineering and management topics in text. Based on the corresponding reference thesaurus of WTI, and powered by TEMIS' STF technology, TEMA® recognizes more than 50.000 key concepts and their hierarchical relationships.


Powered by Smart Taxonomy Facilitator (STF) technology, TEMA® embeds the corresponding thesaurus from WTI, containing more than 50.000 concept entries and 160.000 technical term variants in English, arranged in term families and hierarchies. Each concept entry includes its normalized forms in English, synonyms, as well as links to broader, narrower and related terms.

The core of the thesaurus focuses on the following topics in technology:

- Data processing and data systems technology

- Power engineering and energy management

- Electronics and microelectronics

- Communications and telecommunication engineering

- Measurement, testing and control

- Materials and material properties

- Manufacturing technology

- Mechanical engineering

- Traffic, transportation, vehicles

- Process engineering, bioprocess engineering, downstream processing, reaction engineering

- Microtechnology, nanotechnology

- Biomedical engineering

- Wood and paper

- Textiles, garment, textile machinery

- Environmental engineering, environmental pollution

The thesaurus also includes more minor sections on :

- Enterprises, management, economics, politics, legislation

- Natural sciences (fundamentals, basic methods, models)

STF technology adds two distinctive features to the thesaurus-based extraction :

- Fuzzy Term Matching that produces and recognizes variants of thesaurus terms, minimizing silence and increasing recall

- Relevance Scoring, that evaluates the contextual relevance of each recognized term, discarding the less relevant ones improving precision. Relevance Scoring exploits a range of heuristics, including statistics and part-of-speech tagging . 

Customization and Extension

TEMA® can be easily customized by personalizing the thesaurus with specific lexicons, adjusting Fuzzy-Term Matching and Relevance Scoring parameters or retraining its statistical models to adapt to a corpus that is specifically representative of your content.

Typical Applications

Typical use cases for the TEMA® Skill Cartridge® include - Automated indexing of documents in corresponding technology, engineering and management areas - creation of hierarchical facets for enhancing search and browsing - document recommendations based on indexed terms - Design of topical collections or Topic Pages focusing on specific thematic hierarchies of the TEMA® taxonomy

Skill cartridge
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Language(s): EN
Compatibility: Luxid® 6.0
Posting date: January 2013
Version: 1.1
Business model: Project
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