Anatomy Skill Cartridge®
Available in the English language, Anatomy skill cartridge is based on a thesaurus that covers generic terms from the anatomy area. (about 1700 terms)

This skill cartridge® can be used for the annotation of medical contents, for instance articles from medical references such as PubMed. The Anatomy skill cartridge is a STF-based skill cartridge, which allows the generation of extra-terms via the fuzzy matching feature. Let's say for instance that a terms such as "term tissue" appears as a main entry in the thesaurus. Other variants are automatically generated through the injection of prepositions : "tissue of the nerve", "tissue for the nerve", etc.

Skill cartridge
Bio / Medical
Language(s): EN
Compatibility: Luxid® 6.1
Posting date: January 2013
Version: 6.1
Business model: Community
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