Chemistry Skill Cartridge®
Available in the English language, Chemistry skill cartridge is based on a thesaurus that covers generic terms from the chemistry area (about 2900 terms).

This skill cartridge® can be used for the annotation of chemical and biomedical contents, for instance articles from references such as PubMed or International Journal of Systematic and Evalutionary Microbiology. The Chemistry skill cartridge is a STF-based skill cartridge, which allows the generation of extra-terms via the fuzzy matching feature. Let's say for instance that a terms such as "Myelin-Associated Glycoprotein" appears as a main entry in the thesaurus. Other variants are automatically generated through the fuziness feature : "Glycoprotein associated with Myelin", "Myelin Associated Glycoprotein", etc.

Skill cartridge
Language(s): EN
Compatibility: Luxid® 6.1
Posting date: January 2013
Version: 6.1
Business model: Community
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