Skill Cartridge®
Generic Skill Cartridge® that identifies acronyms and their expanded forms in text. Based on simple heuristic patterns, this provides a fast and light-weight addition to terminology identification tasks.


The Acronyms Skill Cartridge® applies a set of heuristics to identify acronyms in text or more specifically where the short and long form of acronyms are mentioned together.


The Acronyms Skill Cartridge® is built with the underlying assumption that in the majority of cases where an author specifically introduces an abbreviation with short and long form, a relevant new term is introduced. For example " ... for this experiment the authors used PCR (polymerase chain reaction) ..." or " ... a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) analysis allowed to ...".

The Acronyms Skill Cartridge® extracts both the short and long form as entities and lists the abbreviated and the expanded form of an acronym as attributes for each entity. Generally, annotations will only be generated when the forms are in context. The functionality does not extend to extract or resolve acronyms based on a database.

Typical Applications

The Acronyms Skill Cartridge® can be conveniently added to projects aimed at identifying and extracting new domain-specific terminology. It is a fast and lightweight Skill Cartridge® that adds very little processing load to a Luxid® process while returning a high proportion of relevant results.

Skill cartridge
Language(s): FR , EN , DE
Compatibility: Luxid® 6.1
Posting date: January 2013
Version: 1.0
Business model: Project