Skill Cartridge®
Events extracts entities and relationships of the military, political, and strategic domains. This skill cartridge® is used to detect strong signals related to counter-terrorism and strategic risks.


Events extracts entities and relationships of the military, political, and strategic domains. There are 20 types of entities extracted by the Events Skill Cartridge® that designate : the players involved in military, political, criminal and civilian events either as victims or attackers (Army, Civilian, Political Authority, Political Function, Non-Governmental Organisation, Ministry, Terrorist, Organisation, Police, Terrorist Organisations), the theater of these events but also their target (Location, Relative Location, Means of Transport), the means used by the armed forces during a conflict (Weapon, Vehicle), the objects of criminal trafficking (Drug, Trafficked Object) and generic risk phenomena (Risk Phenomena) which are at the heart of the fight against criminality.

Two types of relationships are extracted with the Events Skill Cartridge®. The first type is called Event and it refers to different defensive and offensive military actions (Military Operation), police actions such as arrest, seizure, investigation (Police Operation), civilian and political movements (Rebellion, Conflict, Fighting), events consequences and accidents(Casualty-Injury, Explosion). The second type of relationship refers to Illicit Activities such as drug and weapon trafficking.

Typical Applications

This Skill Cartridge® has been designed to identify strong signals related to counter-terrorism and strategic risks and help answer the following types of questions:

  • Who are the players involved in the military, strategic or terrorist events ?
  • What are the most common weapons and modes of operation of a given terrorist organization ?
  • Which are the recurring operation theaters for such events and who are the targets in these events ?
  • What are the real threats coming from terrorist organisations ?
  • What are the links between terrorist groups and criminal organizations ?

Thanks to the comprehensive contextual information (actor, target, operating mode, witness and/or  victim) extracted by the Events Skill Cartridge®, analysts can perform deep analytics, reveal connections between events and players, and develop global insight into potential threats for civilians or military forces.

Skill cartridge
Language(s): FR
Compatibility: Luxid® 6.0 , Luxid® 5.2
Posting date: December 2012
Business model: Project