Medical Entity Relationships
Skill Cartridge®
Extracts 15 key types of medical entities including Clinical Trial terms, Diagnostics and Disorders and 10 types of semantic relationships binding them, including Adverse Effects, Therapies, and Molecular Targets.


Medical Entities and Relationships (MER) extracts 15 key types of medical entities with subcategories leading to more than 40 distinctions and 10 types of semantic relationships binding them.

Extracted entities include Clinical Trial terms (distinguishing between Clinical Trial Name, Clinical Trial Characteristics and Clinical Trial Phase), Diagnostics, Disorders, Transmission information, Species information (including strain information), Symptoms, Targets, Treatments (distinguishing bween drug-based treatments and non drug-based treatments), and Administration Routes.  Examples of relationships include Adverse Effects (binding a treatment with a negative effect), Therapies (binding a treatment with a disease), and Clinical Research (binding a clinical Trial with treatments and/or disorders).

Biological entities extracted by MER are normalized by default according to MeSH, thus providing a MeSH ID number. However it is possible to normalize extracted entities according to other reference nomenclatures on demand.


Customization and Extension
MER has a modular structure that offers unique customization capabilities, enabling the assembly of its Skill Units into bespoke extractors focused on novel areas of interest.
Typical Applications
This Skill Cartridge® is well suited to provide answers to the following types of queries:
  • What are the clinical trials which are underway concerning new uses of Thalidomide ?
  • Are there any clinical trials concerning new drugs for  rheumatoid arthritis ?
  • What are the adverse effects of given treatment ?
  • What are the treatments available for acute coronory disorder ?
  • I have a patient who is not responding to the treatments I have prescribed so far. Are there any treatments which have not yet reached marketing authorization, which could provide some relief for my patient ?
  • I suspect that my patient is suffering from obstructive disease. Are there any diagnostic methods which could help confirm this ?
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Language(s): EN
Compatibility: Luxid® 6.2
Posting date: December 2012
Version: 5.1.42
Business model: Turnkey