Biomarker Relationships
Skill Cartridge®
The BMR Skill Cartridge® is a highly innovative approach which helps highlight or discover substances or measurements (Gene/Protein, miRNA, Metabolites, Electrolytes, Measurements, Fluid) which could be used as Biomarkers.
By 4SBio
The BioMarker Relationships (BMR) skill cartridge aims first of all at the extraction of new insights about biomarker detection and discovery.
Based on an overlap consolidation of medical and biological extractions coming from BER and MER TEMIS skill cartridges, BMR contains dedicated linguistic and semantic properties of bio-medical indicators that will trigger the detection and extraction of 7 types of biomarker entities and 2 different kinds of biomarker relationships.
The BioMarker Relationships skill cartridge allows the user to:
  •  Get a content snapshot of a set of biomarker data
  •  Retrieve relevant documents with greater ease
  •  Filter and organize subsets of the data of interest
  •  Discover biomarker relationships of interest between the biomarker entities found

Skill cartridge
Bio / Medical
Language(s): EN
Compatibility: Luxid® 6.3
Posting date: December 2014
Version: 2.0
Business model: Turnkey
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