Perl Parser/Translator
Translate an OBO file into a SKOS file that can be imported into TEMIS tools like AWB, KE, WebStudio ...

OBO is a format for the definition of structured vobacularies, in particular in the Life Sciences, for which a number of relevant resources exist in the public domain. See http://www.obofoundry.org for some examples.

The TEMIS tools currently prefer the XML format SKOS as a thesaurus exchange and import format. So in order to benefit from existing OBO resources, these need to be translated into SKOS first. This script does that. Note that OBO can model more than thesaurus/taxonomy information. In fact it can also hold ontological relations. However, the script "extracts" the thesaurus/taxonomic subset from an OBO file and translates that into SKOS (broader, narrower relation, preferred and alternative labels, scope notes and definitions).

The script is provided as is, in the hope that it is useful - it is not supported TEMIS software.

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Bio / Medical Agronomics Sciences
Language(s): FR , EN , DE , ES , IT , Generic
Compatibility: Luxid® 6.0 , Luxid® 5.2 , Luxid® 5.1 , Luxid® 5.0 , Luxid® 6.1 , Luxid® 6.2
Posting date: June 2014
Version: 1.0
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