Skill Cartridge®
Available in the English and French languages, Astronomy skill cartridge is based on the vocabulary used at INIST/CNRS for Astronomy and neighbor fields (more than 7000 terms).

This skill cartridge can be used for the annotation of astronomical contents, for instance articles from references such as The Astrophysical Journal or Astronomy and Astrophysics.

The Astronomy Skill Cartridge® is a STF-based cartridge bilingual English & French, which contains more than 7000 concepts including various variants (synonyms, acronyms, and concept-triggering terms as they might appear in articles).

The topics covered in this cartridge include the satellite domains of Astronomy such as :

  • Astronomical Optics
  • Astronautics
  • Artificial satellites
  • Astronomical Instruments
  • Theoretical Physics and Astroparticles
  • Mathematical models and Methods pertaining to Astronomy

Skill cartridge
Language(s): FR , EN
Compatibility: Luxid® 6.2
Posting date: March 2014
Version: 1.0
Business model: Community